Error in adding new shared mailbox

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Can anyone send me why I get this error "Number of databases available 0 are not enough to allow meaningful database selection" while trying to add new shared mailbox?


Thank a lot!

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Ups, reading the message you get I recommend you to open a support ticket
I also have the same problem: resources and shared mailbox.
Mailbox migration is also interrupted by this error message.
Hi, I've got the same issue like you and waiting for a response from Microsoft. Do you have to receive an answer in between



I had the same problem Friday 11/03 and still have it this morning.

I'm currently preparing a brand new migration to Office 365 from Exchange 2013 with hybrid mode.

On Friday I tested my first migration of a test mailbox and had the same error message. I searched the web and found NOTHING. 

This morning I serached the web and found your question... I was wondering what was wrong in my configuration but finally it may be a global problem on the cloud !??


Did you successed in migrations before friday ? For my part I experienced the problem on my first test migration so I'm uanble to tell if it was working before.


Do you have any more informations on your side about this problem ?


I'm sorry you have this problem but I'm also happy not to be alone ;)


Have a good day.



I have the same problem here since this morning. I'll open a case at Microsoft.



Same issue here. Ticket open but i am sure Microsoft won't reply soon. 


Please update here if you have a solution


thank you

The reason why the error message is signaled is that Exchange Online cannot work out what mailbox database to create the new shared mailbox is. It's a bug. The only way to solve it is through support.

We started migration on Saturday morning. (Exchange 2010 to O365)
It worked well until noon (55 mailboxes were completed). It is then broken and can not be restarted or deleted. Nothing can do with it.

these messages are related to the problem:Problem1.pngProblem2.png

It seems that is the problem yes. New mailboxes cannot be created because there are no databases available.
Hi, since this morning everything works fine on my exchange in office 365, but I can't tell you what was wrong because to this issue I didn't receive a response from Microsoft.

Yes the issue is solved for us too. It was probably a temporary issue that is why they didn't even mention in the portal. tickets unanswered yet also.

Yes for me too. It's mention in the portal in advisories section : EX124353 - Issues setting up new users

Its very strange but i don't have any advisories regarding this issue. I only see 1 advisory regarding Office365 Portal and some connectivity issues that are irelevant. All other services are healthy. 


We are based in South Europe. 



Welcome to the cloud. Things happen and then disappear as quickly as a breadth of fresh air blows through a datacenter...

Well.... a "breadth of fresh air" that blocked migration projects for 2 days and a Week-end... That sort of "breadth" that cost a lot :p

It's unfortunate that a glitch stopped your migration. These things happen, even in the best-managed environments. What is more problematic is the lack of response from support. Have they acknowledged the problem (apart from the advisory)?


@Brian Levenson @Anne Michels Maybe another instance where support could have done better?

Hi all,


This morning the issue was fixed and I was able to create mailboxes and migrate from Exchange 2013.


Unfortunately, just one hour ago, the issue reappeared :(

I'm blocked again, with the same error message saying that there is no available databases...


I have no feedback from Microsoft and I'm unable to tell how many time I'll have to wait before retrying migrations...


I hope you have more luck on your side.






I pinged the Exchange Online team. Maybe they can relieve the road block internally.