End User feedback visible for admins

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I'm not sure about others, but I feel a bit uncomfortable to being able to see end user's feedback to Microsoft. I tried to find the way to disable this feature from admins, but couldn't found it. Is it really so that if the feedback option is available for the end users, then this cannot be avoided?

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@Petri X 

Hi, this may be additional information about errors that are not visible to the administrator, and bother the user who has a problem :)


But isn't so that in larger companies they do have a real ticket system for the incidents management. As these are messages from users to Microsoft, and as this is only one-way communication (in my mind Microsoft does not reply to these). So purpose of bothering admins with these is - at least to me -  a bit unclear. So if would be nice, if companies could be hiding these messages from the admins. I'm not even sure if end users are aware that this message is fully visible for M365 admins. Perhaps this could even cause privacy concerns.

@Petri X 

" Perhaps this could even cause privacy concerns."

Opinions are public so the fear is unfounded, but surely you are right, because often these opinions are useless :)