Email Encryption Transport Rule > Blank Sensitive Information Types List?

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I'm setting up M365 email encryption and for some reason the Sensitive Information Types don't load or the list is blank?


Specifically, I'm setting up a transport rule -> new rule -> Apply this rule if: The message contains any of these types of sensitive information. I want to add SITs like Routing #, SSN, etc.


When I click to select the type of SITs, nothing loads. It just says "No data are available" and I can't really do anything except for clicking Cancel.


The licensing assigned to the users I want to apply the rule to include: Microsoft 365 Business Basic + Azure Information Protection Premium P1.


I've already applied the rule where I can set custom words or whatever in the subject and that works fine. I'm just not able to choose any default Sensitive Information Types.


I know I've done this before for users who had E3 licenses in the past - is this feature not available in the P1 license or am I missing something else? I'm used to seeing options for ABA routing number, medical terms, SSN, etc. to choose from when setting up transport rules for email encryption - but this list is empty.


I've even logged into a different tenant that has a M365 E3 user to compare and their list of Sensitive Information Types under the mail transport rule menu doesn't populate any results either.


Thanks for the help

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Did you test both the new and "classic" Exchange admin center? As a workaround, you can always use PowerShell:
The -MessageContainsDataClassifications parameter handles SITs.
Thanks for the reply! I'm unable to change the transport rules in the classic admin center now, it just redirects me to the new one for that portion. I will look into your link and see if I can try it via Powershell to see if it leads me anywhere. Appreciate it!