Edit Organization Profile in new Admin Center doesn't work

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As a global administrator, editing Organization Profile in the new Admin Center experience for Office 365 doesn't work as expected. It seems that only some handle bars markup is displayed. I have a theory, that the issue is related to localization as I am using Danish locale. Does anyone have the same issue using any locale? Also I cant find a way to open a support ticket regarding the Office 365 Admin Center - does anyone know how to do that?


Edit Organization Profile doesn't workEdit Organization Profile doesn't work

The console output for the page is seen below.


Office 365 Admin Center Edit Organization Profile console outputOffice 365 Admin Center Edit Organization Profile console output

As a note, I have tried using the latest versions (as of 31-10-2016) of both Edge, Chrome and Opera to see if it was a browser compatibility issue. The the issue exists using any of these browsers.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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@Morten Rønberg use the Feedback button to send info about this directly to the team.


@Anne Michels FYI