Ediscovery with specific query error code on 5 of 19 mailboxes

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Hello, I am doing a specific query for Ediscovery content against 19 mailboxes that are on Litigation Hold. 5 of the 19 mailboxes return an error with this specific query and the error message is: The search on the following locations failed (CS008-009)

If I remove those five mailboxes from this search no error. My hunch is that this error means that those five mailboxes did not return a match for the query specified.

I created a simple query that I know would produce a match and ran it against those five mailboxes and it worked. I just need confirmation that the error code CS008-009 means no results found...



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That should not be the case, "no matches" should not produce an error. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any public document that describes those error codes though, so the best advice I can give you is to open a support case to get a proper answer.

Thank you. I'm trying to open a case but our Office 365 is through a partner and I need to have them open the case with MS as I was told I cannot do it directly. They are being very slow to get me connected with MS.