Easier Multi-Tenant Admin

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Instead of creating different logins to manage tenants, is there a "switch directory" feature like the Azure Portal -- but for the Microsoft 365 admin center?




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Hi @cjm_ms365

Not currently. There is a uservoice open with a significant number of votes here


However, has been open for some time. Would recommend voting on this to push it up the agenda as well as raising at future AMA's.

An alternative is to use multiple browsers, incognito mode etc in order to do this - even seen some people spin up virtual servers ;D - but of course these are workarounds and not the ultimate solution

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

I doubt that's a feature Microsoft will ever deliver, but I'll be glad if they prove me wrong. In the meantime, few ISVs have stepped in and provide "portal replacement" type of software that can be used to manage multiple tenants, though those are usually targeted at CSPs and large multi-nationals, as in not cheap :)