E3 License

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Under E3 (Enterprise) License there are multiple app services like Team, power apps, booking etc and Microsoft enables the License for all user if they introduced a new app (example:Kaizala).

For example We have 10000 user and this Licences is enabled for all users. But as an IT owner I don’t want Kaizala to be enabled.

How do I unassign the licence for all the users at a time to that app? And I can figure out the SKU for E3 License but how do I get the SKU for those apps that are under E3 License.
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The portal UI allows you to perform bulk operations, but that's not gonna help you much with 10k users. The easiest thing would be to switch to something like group-based licensing (or PowerShell script that mimics the same), then simply adjust the individual services you want to disable (or re-enabled). Here's a sample script I usually recommend for such scenarios: https://www.michev.info/Blog/Post/2224/disable-specific-services-via-the-azure-ad-powershell-module