Domain Name purchased through Portal wont renew

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I purchased a Domain through the Admin Portal about a year ago. Long story short, the credit card on file was expired so the domain name did not renew (never received notification). We have been trying to renew it for several weeks, we eventually renewed it on the portal. However, there seems to be problem with the way the information is being reported on the portal. Here is what we see on the portal: 

1. There are two instances of the domain, one says it is Active and the other says it is Disabled under our subscriptions. 

2. We renewed/paid for the Active domain through the portal and it states the next billing will be 4-23-2019. 


Unfortunately, we still cannot use the domain. When we go into the Domains tab, it says the status is "CANCELLED_REDEEMABLE - Your domain registration is expiring. Access to DNS records has been turned off until the registration is renewed. Please contact Office 365 support if you want services restored for this domain"


We have been working with Microsoft Support for two weeks now. The latest suggestion we have been given twice now is: "We need to login to the domain registrar, "Wild West Domain" and update their DNS records"? We don't have an account with the domain registrar so how are we to do this?  


We are completely lost... 



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Is the domain owned by domains provider? If so, have you tried to contact them? By the way, I think Microsoft support is the one that has to fix your problem and I don't agree with the last suggestion they have given to you....if a domain is bought through the Admin Portal and there are problems, then Microsoft has to fix them

The domain shows as being owned by Wild West Domains. We tried to contact them but they won't speak with us. They ask us for a PIN Number that we don't have. 


We keep telling Microsoft Support, "we can't fix it, you have to do on your end". They continue to pass it around to other support teams and then they offer the same suggestion. We feel completely helpless at this point...