Display Name Changes made in Admin Centrer get rolled back

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When the Display Name change is made in the Admin Portal the Change is displayed OK.


But some time later (maybe 30-45 mins) the Display Name is changed back to the previous setting ot some default.


This appears to be an issue with the Admin Center.


I am using the old Admin Center


Microsoft provided a work around to use PowerShell and AD Module for Powershell.


Does anyone know if Microsoft will be fixing the Admin Center for this?

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@Anne Michels should be able to ping the correct people.

Hi Lex,

as we're getting close to taking the new admin center out of preview, we're focusing our engineering time on the new experience. Are you still missing a specific feature in the new admin center? Would love to understand why you're still using the old one. If you have feedback on the new admin center, the easiest way to get this to the right team is to use the feedback widget at the bottom of each page.