Count and volume difference between activity reports and content search

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The number of items and volume of the following (Mail items, SharePoint files, Onedrive files, Group mail items) differs between the usage reports and the content search


For example, the number of items and volume for a mailbox shows as 1370 and 3.6 GB in the usage report whereas if the content search is run on the same mailbox, the count is shown as 2301 and 4.7 GB.


Can you please let me know the reason for this?

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Content searches/eDiscovery include items stored in "special" folders, which are not something that will be included in "usage" reports. Also, the usage reports are time-constrained,

Thank you, Vasil!


Is there any link available where I can find the list of all the special folders that would be included in the ediscovery search but not in the usage reports?



Nothing under the RecoverableItems subtree is included for example. Nothing in the Online archive either, if one exists. eDiscovery searches include all these items.