Compliance Centre Audit Log Performance

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We are experiencing very poor performance when trying to select a user in the Audit log section of the Compliance Centre. It can take minutes to actually type the user name and then wait for it to resolve. I have tested in multiple browsers with the same result, yet my own personal tenant allows you to type the name straight away and the name resolves to a user almost instantaneously. Anyone else experiencing this or a similar issue?

Rgds Lee

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How many users are there in the tenant?


Are performance problems observed anywhere else when using picker dialogs to select users from the tenant?

Hi Tony,


There are 50000 mailboxes and we normally have no issues with auditing any action.


We did have some issues with Content Searches and the Exchange Admin Centre was very slow yesterday, but these seem to have been resolved.  I can audit fine using PowerShell, but the portal shows only certain types of actions (Although I have all Exchange actions audited and checked in the centre) and only for a certain period of time. I have a couple of calls open for this and the general performance when checking the logs. I have run Fiddler traces for MS and are now patiently waiting for an answer.




Sounds like a bug... Stay happy, the way the cloud changes, the bug could be fixed (or replaced by a new issue) if you wait a little while.