Changing the default @onmicrosoft domain

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We recently have started to use sharepoint and noticed that the domain is our old business name.  It is using the domain.  Is there a way to change the domain that was created when we made the O365 account?  The main reason this is wanted is because our sharepoint sites will show the old company name, that was used to signup for O365, and not the new domain that we added.  If we share out a sharepoint site or folder to a client, having the new company name would be better.  Anyone have any thoughts on a way to change this, besides creating a new O365 account?  

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Hi Kendall,


Is not possible to change the Tenant name. You have to create a new Tenant and migrate all.


Here more information -

Yep, this a tenant to tenant migration scenario

Hi, you can now change your Office 365 domain name with the custom domain name using Microsoft PowerShell. You shall follow the instructions given below and efficiently rename the domain name.

@Kendall Fosler 

Yes, possible to replace fallback domain in Microsoft 365 now

up to 5 times
then you will have to migrate