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in summary: we have added a second domain to the our tenant and we have made it become

the primary domain. The old email addresses have become aliases of the users of the new primary. Is it possible to create a rule to send an automatic message sent to all senders of messages to the old domain that informs of the new domain, like autoresponder or out-of-office? I searched the transport rules but I didn't find the rule to do this.

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There's no out of the box functionality that can help you with this. Perhaps instructing users to add it to their signatures might help, but in any case as they start using their new addresses, the recipients will start using those as well.



You can create a automatic replies to external sender.  So you can inform the external senders that your domain as changed.  But the one problem with this option is each email will generate this automatic reply to the sender.  


You can have a time frame like one month then you can disable this rule to send automatic replies.

So all your external users will know about your change.  


And Yes as Vasil told you can add the change on your signature too.


Below is a link to setup automatic reply to your account: 


Please let me know if you have any queries.



Praveen Raj