Auto labeling instance counts for groups?

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Hi All,


I'm looking to work with inbuilt sensitive information types, but I'm looking to count the total number of matches for the group rather than just the individual sensitive info type. This would allow us to require e.g. 3 of any of the selected info types matched rather than 3 of one specific information type.SensitiveInfoTypes.JPG Then it could be 3 credit card numbers (current) or, credit card number, tax file number and a bank account number making the three total trigger (ideal). 


Has anyone else had a similar requirement to base labelling conditions off overall matches of sensitive information types, not just individual matches for a type? 



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You could export the information types and create a new custom information type combining all three and then set the instance count to 3.

Thanks @SeanMcAvinue,


I hadn't considered this, I'll dig into it further.  

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