Audit log search in Security / Compliance Centers

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So it looks like the new Security and Compliance Centers have arrived in my tenant overnight.


I can't see anything obvious though as to where the audit log search capability has moved to? I've gone back directly to the old combined portal and got what I needed there (and ultimately I could use PowerShell if required), but it'd be nice to know where I should look?


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I don't have them yet so I cannot check this, but we are supposed to have a Compliance Admin Center and a Security Admin Center...the Audit Log Search should be in one of them

Those are early preview versions, they lack tons of features. Keep using the good old SCC.



As I checked, we have two different admin centers in place one is Security and the other one is Compliance. But if I go to any of the admin centers from these two, the URL is showing same ( and the features also look identical. I am not sure anything has changed except some new features added like File Plan & Events. 

Audit log search is in the same section 'Search & Investigation'. 


@Steve-Ironside Can't wait! Could you share us the screenshot of the new portals?

Screenshots attached. I've had a quick run-around and can't find the Audit logs in the new UIs.

@Deleted  Thanks for sharing. 


I just blogged that Microsoft needs to give more focus to Secure Score in the main portal.


Happy that it's now happening and hope that Office 365 Secure Score is now going to reach a wider audience.