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Just the other week there was an option under a user for "Assign Email" which I enabled and it added all of the user's folders onto the user I assigned the email to.  It also automatically enabled "Forwarding".  It appears to be gone now?  Is there another way to accomplish the same thing?

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Not sure I've seen this option or understand what it really does. Maybe @Anne Michels can comment?
Hi Brad, I'm looking into this. Can you specify where exactly you saw this option? A screenshot would be best.

@Anne Michels it was an option in the user options with the new dashboard style.  I can't remember if the "Email Forwarding" was there at the time or not.  But there was an option to "Assign Email".  



Hi Brad,

unfortunately, this is a little bit of a mystery as we're not sure which setting you saw. Was it perhaps "mailbox permissions"? This will grant access to another mailbox, and depending on settings, the new mailbox might show up in user’s profile. Instructions on how to use such mailboxes using Outlook or OWA can be found here (near the end, see ‘Use a shared mailbox’):

Email forwarding was always a seperate setting.

The only thing I can think of any both of those options would be gone is if the EXO license was removed from the user, and therefore there is no more mailbox.