Administrating multiple Office 365 environments - Best Practice

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I have just started to administrate my second Office 365 Tenent in addition to my own business. I have being strugling to deal with the login and authentication requirements because I keep finding I go from Logged into sharePoint on one ID to logged into the admin pannel as the other user ID. 


Currently I use FireFox for one, and IE11 for another but this does not guarentee the correct login, and of course only IE11 allows advanced functions in some parts of SharePoint.


I often find my first login fails and I have to go back to login again. At the moment one has a custome domain assigned, the other only a subdomain at


I am sure there are people who have had to deal with this so I humbly ask the community what strategies to employ.

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If you are a Microsoft partner you can ask them to add you as advisor partner. Then you can help them using your own Login info!


you can find more info here:



Differnet browsers, private sessions, even running them on different machines as switching tenants seems to leave some artifacts (often experienced with the Partner admin portal).


For PowerShell, I've cooked a small script that brings up a UI dialog allowing me to choose a predefined credentials, or enter new ones if needed. Again it's best to use separate environments, I've personally wiped all users in the wrong tenant once or twice by mistake :)

Is there a quick and simple way to become a partner to achieve this? I became a Microsoft Partner Network Member recently is this enough?

I note "Note:  This feature is available only to Microsoft Cloud Partners who are certified to offer delegated administration" so now I need to look for that and see if the requirments are time consuming or onerouse.

For me Chrome profiles with different pictures and different links in task bar do the job

I now understand that that as a Microsoft Partner, even entry level, I can become the Partner of Record, I believe once this is done I can request to become a deligated admin which I believe will use my Mocrosoft live ID to login. DO this for the second Office 365 Tenent an I can login to both with the same ID.


I will surly come to discover if this helps with these login problems.


I have taken on what you all have advised thanks