Admin Center Dashboard Customizations not sticking

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Hi, is anybody else experiencing that the customizations (tiles) to the new admin center dashboard are not sticking after a page refresh?

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Yeap, seeing some weird beaviours these days

Same thing.  Does not keep the changes.

My custime tile often does not show the image (from SP Online), but shows a default icon (two blocks)

Glad I'm not the only one then ;) This feature has never worked for me, so I wasn't sure if the problem is on my end.

Even i have noticed this issue on our tenant. We have created few custom tiles and most of the time the tile image is missing.
Yes, it does not work for me

Never has worked for me.

Tested yesterday and still didn't. Left a Feedback.

same here, funny that Microsoft announced GA for the dashboard yesterday

:) But we like this funny stuff, don't we?

I have opened a service request at Microsoft. Till now no solution, keep you posted on this.

Finally an answer from Microsoft on my issue; it is caused by not using an anonymous link for the image used. I expected this, but wanted them to confirm it.
You have to use an anonymous link when using an image from SharePoint online, but at my customers tenant external sharing is turned off so we have to use an image from a public website.


A few people responded on this topic they have issues with the image disappering from a custome tile, so no I did not reply to the wrong topic.

Hi Peter, technically Cary is right, because my topic was about the new Admin Center Dashboard (the admin landing page) CARDS, not TILES.

Tiles are part of the Office 365 App Launcher. There are not custom admin center tiles as far as I know and there there are no custom images in cards.

To be honsted, I haven't put 2 and 2 together either when reading the first responses and just assumed the same was meant by cards/tiles. 

So definitely these two issues were mixed up in this thread.