A way to see if a user installed Office

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Is there a way as an admin to see if a user installed the Office client on say another machine in any of the logs or some where in the portal? I know if I am logged in, I can see all of the devices I have installed the client. Have a need to see if a user installed it elsewhere. Thanks. 

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Hi @Jeff Harlow - yes, you need to go to the O365 admin center, in the left navigation under Reports, click Usage and then Office Activations. You'll be able to see what how many and what types of devices Office has been activated on.

@Kelly_Edinger  Thanks Kelly. That is a good start. Any way to dig deeper to see the device info (i.e. Computer Name, Type, Serial, etc.) 

Hi @Jeff Harlow - for that level of information, I imagine you'd need to have the devices enrolled with Intune.