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Hello All


I was wondering if anyone knows of the capability of 365 Admin Center to allow you to build and create custom reports off the back of it. Now as it stands I'm not the current admin of our system but I have been asked to look into the possibility of the reporting capabilities on the email out of 365.


Currently I know we can export a file from the Admin Center that will tell me: Display Name, Last Activity Date, Send Count, Receive Count, Read Count and the Report Period. From this I gather that it is displaying say the last 30 days totals for each person by header based on when I refresh the report. Where I would like it to go is to almost flip this and say by person by day In my period selected what are the totals for each separate day by the same headers. Is something like this possible without having to extract multiple reports or daily reports?


Another cool this would be to see who has been sending me emails so I can do a count by client and see who is emailing in more often.


Thoughts please



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Office 365 reports pretty much cover the basics, you have almost zero customizability with them. If you want something more robust, you can use the available PowerShell cmdlets and the Graph API to fetch the data yourself and present it in a manner more useful to you. Or use one of the 3rd party tools that specialize in O365 reporting.