Service Bus client 3.4.0 is now live
Published Mar 15 2019 12:26 PM 80 Views
First published on on Sep 22, 2016
Check out our newest release for the Service Bus client library!

The NuGet package can be found at .

While this update is primarily focused on Event Hubs, we still recommend that our messaging customers upgrade. For more details regarding the Event Processor Host for Event Hubs, check out the Event Hubs blog here .

Below are the release notes the Microsoft Azure Service Bus NuGet package:

  • EventHub/Messaging: Fixed a bug where some of the Amqp session error are not mapped to MessagingCommunicationException. These are now returned as MessagingCommunicationException.

  • EventHub: Add ability to receive from EndOfStream. You can now create receiver using EventHubConsumerGroup.EndOfStream as the offset and the receiver will start receiving from the current last offset (at the time of receiver creation).

  • EventHub: Fixed a bug where max link credit may not have been set to the correct upper bound in some cases when user use the PrefetchSizeInBytes feature.

Happy messaging!
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