IP Filtering for Event Hubs and Service Bus
Published Mar 15 2019 12:36 PM 640 Views
First published on on Jun 27, 2018
The Azure Messaging team is happy to announce the public preview of IP Filtering for Service Bus Premium and Event Hubs Standard and Dedicated price plans. This feature allows users to control which IPs are accessing their resources. Some characteristics of this feature:

  • Rules allow you to specify accept and reject actions on IP masks

  • The rules work with IPv4 addresses

  • Rules are applied to the namespace level

  • You can have multiple rules and they are applied in order

  • The first rule that matches the IP address determines the accept or reject action

  • Requests from IPs that are rejected receive an unauthorized response

Today this features is available in the Azure portal (screenshot below) at the Event Hubs or Service Bus namespace level or via an ARM template

Want tighter control of who is accessing your Event Hubs or Service Bus queues and topics? Give IP Filters a try today for your Service Bus or Event Hubs namespace!
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