Show Dialog is always global

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I'm using Mesh 101 and I've tested the environment in a Microsoft Mesh event, and I noticed that when I click on the Show Dialog button, the UI message appears for everyone. I've tried to find a way to make the 'Show Dialog' message only show locally for each user, but I couldn't find it. Is there any way to do it?

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There is a component you can add to the GameObject that has your Script Machine on which will ensure it is only ran locally. It is the Local Scope component, I think. Have a look at the docs.

@Weald_Spatial Yes, I tried it but it's still showing for everyone even when I use the Local Scope component


Sounds like a bug. You may have more luck reaching them if you submit a ticket from within the Mesh app. So they have the logs as well. I'll test this myself, too, and can report it as well.

I'll do that then, thank you very much!