Questions about the possibilities in Microsoft Mesh

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Hi everyone !


We are two students discovering the Mesh technology with a project in our intership and we were wondering what are the current features that we can implement in our scene.

We are beginners in Unity too :sad:

We have a lot of questions, is there someone who can help us and that we can chat with ?

Here is a list of the features we were asked to implement in the environment : 


  • Access a "file explorer"
  • Import a 3d model (.glb or else) from a onedrive or folder with a button
  • Modify the mesh interface to add buttons 
  • Access the camera of our meta quest by clicking on a button
  • Create a timeline that teleports everyone when played
  • Have a text box that a user can interact with and write text
  • What are the limits of cloud scripting and is there more doc than the one we found on the microsoft documentation ?

Thanks all for reading and even more for the one who can help us !

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Try on starting first with the Mesh 101 project. Play around with it then add new models to test you case. :)