Project publishing crashes Unity

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I am unable to publish my scene (suddenly). The build process pauses and then Unity crashes. I get no error message or information about how or why the process fails.


Where can I find logs or is there a Build cache that needs to be deleted?

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Hello @Weald_Spatial 


Thanks for sharing you issues. Answering the two questions you had:

  • Logs: Editor logs can be found at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Unity\Editor\Editor.log that should contain relevant information on the issue after the build crash. Feel free to dig a little bit around the crash or can also be shared with feedback tool (more info below)
  • Build cache: We can try on deleting the project temporary Unity folders (Library, obj) and that might help mitigate the issue.

Despite this might help unblocking you, will be ideal if you could also update to the last toolkit versions as there have been some error corrections which might also help with the issue.


We also received your feedback with some information but there was no log to further identify the crash. If possible and willing to please do fill a new feedback with the share log files enabled so we can take a deeper look. 


I managed to fix it and identified the issue as a texture that was saved as a PNG. There must have been something odd about the file because when I changed it to a JPG everything worked.