Problems with Mesh this week

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I have been demonstrating our Mesh space to 2-3 clients per day for about a month, until this week there is no problem but this week has been crazy, what is going on?


Tonight I brought a client into our space for a sales Pitch - this is what I had to contend with

  1. E-Mail address would no let client log in - had to get them to delete and re-install App
  2. Client could not join event - kept displaying the following message - 'please try again later' (I had to create a new event )
  3.  When you move your avitar there is a 30 second delay in the other person seeing where you went so it was impossible to show my client around our space
  4. Transport rotation glitch is ridiculous - when you land you are rotated 30 degrees
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Thanks for reporting and sorry to hear you are having issues. It would be great if you could file feedback from within Mesh when affected by these issues. A report filed within the app provides us with context we can use to analyze the problem. Thanks.
We have. Repeatedly.