Permanent worlds that can be entered without an event?

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It is already fun to deal with MS-Mesh.
The adjustments with Unity also work quite well, my colleagues say. As a business consultant, I only ever see the results :-).

What I would find great is the following feature, which should actually be easy to realise. In my opinion, I'm not a developer :-).

The fact that Mesh always has to do with events is okay for now.
But there are also things for which I don't need an event. I just want to use a virtual world spontaneously.
Example: I want to see who is in the virtual coffee kitchen, because I want to exchange ideas with my colleagues, just like in real life.
I have time right now and I want to go to our digital showroom based on mesh to find out about our products. If there happens to be someone there as well, so much the better.
Spontaneous exchanges with colleagues I would never have invited because I don't know them or we have nothing to do with each other in the working world are not possible.

Is that right?
What I would like to see in the Mesh Portal is a section of rooms that exist permanently and that I can enter spontaneously without them being assigned to an event.

Have I overlooked this or does it already exist?
Or is that hidden behind worlds, which are still empty in the demo tenant :-).

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@Holger_Duempelmann You didn't overlook. Persistent worlds don't exist yet. The closest you could do is to create an event for every day and invite people there - but it will appear in their calendars so I don't really recommend that.

Other option, a hack with with a limited number of people, is to create an event to the future and set people as co-organizers. That way you can join the space in Customize mode- and it doesn't appear in your calendars until at the set date. 


So I would suggest you plan some events for certain , shorter timeslots, times a week. That way you can also maximize that people will be there. The problem with loose persistent spaces, especially with small number of users, is that people wander the space lonely most of the time. And it continues that people drop in, check if anyone is there, and leave. So eventually they don't even try out it very often anymore. 

Thank you for your feedback :)
I am sufficiently familiar with this discussion from related solutions. There really are pros and cons.
Many rooms with few people is of course also an issue.
But if you consider a mesh as an extension of an intranet or virtual workplace, then there should be room for such things.
The rest is then to be organised via change and adoption procedures.
In an intranet, employees also have permanent access to certain, generally valid information :-).
Time will see :).
I fully agree there *should* be a persistent space. In the name of the Metaverse it should be not just everlasting space, but a persistent "permanent" space where changes people do would remain and thus it would be .. a kind of real life space. Perhaps a cleaner would need to be called occasionally to reset it to better state. :)
Ideally there would be a persistent coffee area / lounge, management group space, project spaces and so on.

At the moment, I am content with events, as it is important to get the foundation great to support new features.



youd have to call out to a database and save the position of thing things in your scene. 

assign that a unique ID

then create the event with that information

then when the people return to the new event

somehow grab that information from the environment

and use that to query the database for all your object positions and states


there is also something interesting with the mesh cloud scripting

its an project i believe in a subfolder of your solution that gets deployed and handles synchronization between all the "players"

i saw a reference to Orleans which was interesting.


not sure what happens when you deploy a new event with the same environment

could you configure orleans itself in the project to persist the state of the game?

maybe its a one liner.

maybe you could run the project on your own manually in azure ?
just throwing things out there i dont know any of those answers.







you need persistent space if for example people are working on models for some purpose and they only got halfway done. doesnt matter if people are lonely. its not about hanging out but continuing the long running application whenever people can jump in.
Thank you, I will pass on the tip to the developers. I am more of a business consultant and idea generator :)
This is really a good addition. I didn't mention it explicitly, but it was also a thought when I talked about persistent spaces.
That is an invaluable advantage of virtual rooms as opposed to physical meeting rooms. I can just leave everything there and don't have to tidy everything up, as in physical meeting rooms, because a follow-up meeting is being held there by others.
This scenario is even much more business-critical and valuable for the company than the currently focused culture initiatives.
Yeah i totally agree. the whole metaverse space ( i hate that word ) is litered with demos of cartoonish characters hiding behind your sofa. but most things in industry deal with the logistics of space. warehouses , assembly lines, car repair, paint jobs , bar tending. why demos only show bunch of people hanging out doing nothing is beyond me. there is so much to do actually. BMW and Siemen have totally virtualized their plant operations. But everyone else demos cocktail parties without the cocktails.
I can fully understand your examples.
Now, of course, you can argue back and forth. I don't think that is currently the primary goal of Mesh.
Microsoft differentiates very well here. First, Mesh addresses the "commercial metaverse", I don't really like the term metaverse either, and the things you describe are called "industrial metaverse" by Microsoft. Of course, there are also overlaps and permeabilities.
It is up to us to identify meaningful and value-adding use cases from this area that offer us a good entry point with the customer.
But I agree with you that the examples where people just hand out "likes and hearts" will not be enough to convince business decision makers to invest in more complicated economic times.
But there are also such use cases in the commercial metaverse and that Microsoft will provide suitable functions for this in Mesh quickly.
Isn't customizing an event template the option for persistent spaces that works even today?

Nevertheless it should be a standard feature of Mesh - needed for tenant guests as well in the future.