Missing a official Mesh Roadmap

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Mesh is now launched and available.
The solution has attracted a lot of attention and of course has the potential to be a game changer for collaborative mixed reality solutions in companies :)

What I and our customers are currently missing is a communicated roadmap, such as the one that exists for M365 solutions.

Everything here is still very mysterious and nebulous as to the direction it will take.
Everyone in the know is of course delighted that Microsoft has taken on the topic of mixed reality.

But even those in the know know that there are still many unresolved issues.
This wouldn't be so dramatic if the next improvements were to be provided via an official roadmap. Then you can prepare yourself and your customers.

Is there already a published but well-hidden roadmap?

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I totally agree with that. A roadmap for upcoming features or development plans are necessary, if Microsoft Mesh wants to be a searious platform for mixed reality.

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