Microsoft Mesh public preview video series


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Checkout out the Getting Started with Mesh video series on the Microsoft 365 Developer Channel. These videos cover core aspects of Mesh and walk through key developer tools, processes, and sample projects. Topics include: 


Creating immersive experiences with Microsoft Mesh Overview 
Get in on the public preview of Mesh so you can create fully customized, multi-user 3D experiences. Learn how to get started with this powerful, imaginative medium for addressing business needs and delighting users.  


Microsoft Mesh visual scripting 
Learn how Mesh visual scripting makes it easy to add interactivity to your scene that runs clint-side so you can build custom low-latency effects without writing code. Find out how to create industry-standard Unity visual script graphs that execute in Mesh and synchronize their state changes across users for seamless multi-user experiences.   


Microsoft Mesh cloud scripting 
You’ve built your Microsoft Mesh environment and made it interactive using Mesh visual scripting. Now discover the capabilities and advantages of Mesh cloud scripting with live backend cloud data pulled directly into your Mesh environment. 


Understanding Mesh Physics 
Learn about Mesh Physics through developer samples and see the end-to-end developer workflow in action with a Unity demo. 


Microsoft Mesh Content Optimization 
Use built-in tools to reduce download time, improve user comfort and extend battery life. Leverage the content Performance Analyzer and Visual Profiler features to improve the visual fidelity of environments while staying within performance budgets.  


We hope you enjoy the series! Please let us know what you think and if there are topics you'd like us to add or expand upon.

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