Mesh 201 Spatial Sound

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After testing all environment i'm seeking some things to improve my custom environment.
I'm making an entire Virtual Conference center. With the WebSlate for the Mesh 201 i was able to embeded my video flows but i'm not able to restrict the audio to be spatial in a limited zone like in the 3.1 of the Mesh 101.
Is there some asset or prefab about seats/chair ? they are working well on Microsoft default environments but i can't fine them in the different lab environments 

Thank you

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What do you mean by limited audio zone in Mesh 101? Isn't it only about the Spatial Blend and 3D Sound Settings in Audio Source component of Video gameobject:



Heelo, Thanks for your answer.
The Video player in Mesh 101 is restricted in term of URL. You can't put inside some livefeed of a stream.
I try to use the WebSlate so in the new Mesh 201 tutorial, but the Audio Source component don't exist in it. I tried to create it but no effect.