Max number of participants in the same room in Mesh?

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The documentation about Mesh states 200 participants as max number, sometimes 300, and sometimes  it is specified that the participants get allocated to max-16-users rooms, sometimes not. 

So is it possible to have a big event with more than 16 people in the same room (ideally 300) or not? It is unclear to me.

Thank you. 

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Hi there, 16 people per room/200 maximum total in Mesh Standalone. For immersive spaces is total 16 people.

Thanks for your answer. So there is no possible scenario where more than 16 users can be in the same space, correct? They will always be divided in isolated rooms?
I'm not sure what you mean with Mesh Standalone, and what is the alternative.

@marcoscarzello Mesh has 3 parts - you can use just avatars in your Teams meetings, you can use the View\Immersive space (3d) option in any regular Teams meeting to walk around in your avatar, and there's a separate Mesh app from the store - that's what we often call "standalone", since it's not part of Teams. The Mesh experience in Teams can only have 16, period. The standalone experience can have single room events (16 max) or the 200 max, divided into rooms of 16

>>They will always be divided in isolated rooms?



I have a Reactor talk where I walk through designing events, taking into account the 16 and 200 limits


(if you see docs from Microsoft that say 300 is the limit, please use the Feedback option on the doc page to let us know!)


hope that helps!