Lakehouse in Teams Immersive Spaces-- Can I use it in Mesh?

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I know that Teams Immersive Spaces is kind of the downlevel free sample of Mesh for the masses. But- that primary default environment, the Lakehouse, is kind of cool. I have noticed it's not one of the two defaults to play with in Mesh though.

Any way to grab it and use it as part of a collection in Mesh?

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It's not currently possible to utilize the Lakehouse world on Mesh Custom Experiences. The closest you'll probably get is Mesh on Quest so you don't technically have to go through Teams.

Since Lakehouse is kind of the "headline" environment for Immersive Spaces, I don't expect Microsoft to release to free use in Custom Experiences (at least yet), so that's why it's not available in the Mesh Toolkit as a sample world (like toybox and others which are also under an open-source license).

I hope that in the future Lakehouse would be added to custom experiences, just like Meadow has been for a while
Thanks Miska.

It is so close to what I want, but I want to be able to make the screen bigger. I'd like to use the host tools available in Mesh in the space so the meeting runs a little more smoothly. But it is nice to think that Teams Immersive Spaces got a "headline" environment in the first place.