Join us for a Mesh Webinar, Tuesday, 12/19, 8am PST


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Join us for tomorrow’s Mesh webinar, “Bring the web into your 3d world.” In this 30 minute session, Sean Kerawala and Samira Hirji demonstrate the power of WebView2 technology with the WebSlate component of the Mesh toolkit.

SIGN UP NOW and join us Tuesday morning, 12/19, at 8am PST

This session will provide a brief intro to Mesh toolkit, discuss scenarios for using web content in Mesh, introduce WebSlates and then provide a demo on adding web content to your Mesh environment and using WebSlates and scripting in Mesh (cloud scripting and visual scripting). Find out how you can leverage WebSlates to highlight products, services, customer stories, brand identity and more, with interactive maps, diagrams, data, dashboards, web pages, photos, and videos. Session content will be followed by a live question and answer session.

For more on WebSlates check out Sean’s recent blog post, “Web content in Microsoft Mesh powered by WebView.”

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