Having issues when using both Cloud Scripting and Visual Scripting

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I'm new in MS Mesh and what I noticed is, I'm having issue when both Visual Scripting and Cloud Scripting is enabled. I can now this game mode with no issues but during upload, keep having upload issues but if I disable the Cloud Scripting, it can successfully upload the solution in Mesh.

Here are the errors I'm having if both are activated. 



Also, is there a recommended settings for the Mesh Uploaded? I'm using the settings below.


Thanks everyone!

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Is it intentionally that those objects have been placed on the Avatars layer? Is it Mesh 101?


I suppose you have successfully uploaded another project with Cloud Scripting in Mesh before and your Azure environment is therefore properly configured?


Make sure that you have correct Subscription ID and supported Resource Group here:


Disable App Monitoring if you do not have that configured in Azure.