Viva Goals to Azure DevOps - How to attach a Viva Initiative to multiple Azure DevOps Projects

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Hi guys,


We've run into a bit of a stumbling block with integrating Viva Goals and our Azure DevOps (ADO) Initiatives/Epics.


It looks like when you create the Service Connection to pull your ADO data in, you can only select one project. Our ADO setup is that teams will have different projects. Therefore, we would like to be able to have an Initiative in Viva, that can link to multiple ADO projects (i.e. an Initiative in Viva is being delivered with work from multiple teams).


Is there a way to create a Service Connection in Viva that has access to multiple ADO projects? 




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Hi @ctaceygreen, the Azure DevOps integration in Viva Goals supports connecting to a single project at once. Connection to multiple projects is not supported at this time.