Setting up OKR Workflows and approvals

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I'm trying to get the OKR Workflows happening but I can't get it to work :(


I've followed the instructions here: Approval workflows | Microsoft Learn but members can still create OKRs and there doesn't seem to be a workflow initiated. 


For individual entities, I can't see any option change the workflow status either

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Hi @HelloBenTeoh , 

I believe you do not want members to be creating or updating OKRs once the OKRs have been approved. While enabling the approval workflow from the admin section, you can turn on the option 'prevent changes to OKR after approval' to restrict members from creating or updating the OKRs post-approval. Please let us know if this resolves your problem. 



Regarding Individual OKRs, they can be approved by the Individual's manager or the org admin. The manager can go to the user's page and choose the change status option as shown below.