Multiple metrics for single Initiative?

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Hi all - is it possible to nest mutiple Metrics under a single Initiative in Viva Goals?  Thanks in advance for the help! -Evan

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Hi @Evan_Hindman


You are able to nest initiatives into a single key result - Configure your OKR rules in Viva Goals | Microsoft Learn, but you're unable to nest multiple metrics under a single initiative. This is as per design based on the OKR framework. 


You can use the integration with Planner to achieve a similar outcome to the above however - Microsoft Planner Integration | Microsoft Learn.



Hi Evan,

For Initiatives/Projects, unfortunately, it can only be measured by one metric in itself. The addition of tasks could potentially be used as recording the multiple metrics so that all combined, it would achieve the overall progress of the initiative.

In a situation where you have multiple metrics under 1 initiative, you might consider a child objective with multiple KRs and then use initiative to put in the tasks/activities that need to be done to achieve the multiple metrics.

@Dazza21 This is helpful, thank you!

@WendyPatFong Very helpful, thank you!