Microsoft Project Integration Available to all Viva Goals Customers


The Microsoft Project for the web integration is now available to all Viva Goals customers. With this integration, you can automatically update progress of KRs and Initiatives and view task details from Project in Viva Goals. You can also filter which tasks appear in Viva Goals by Bucket and Assignee. 


Next steps: 

1. Watch this video to see how the integration works:

2. Work with your tenant administrator to enable the Project for the web integration for your Viva Goals organization. 

3. Start connecting your Projects in Viva Goals!

4. Let us know your questions and feedback!

2 Replies

@Anna_PopeThis is a nice feature, but do you have any information about if it is possible to have the key result or project in goals app to reflect percent complete based on start and end date of tasks? The automatic progress update in goals only appears to let you choose by # of tasks complete or % of tasks complete, where it is disregarding that yes a task may incomplete, but that is expected because it hasn't "started" nor passed its "end date" as seen in Microsoft project. So, I'm pointing out that the integration is nice, but it misrepresents the "on track" or "behind" nature of the project.

Thanks for the feedback. We will take this into account as we are considering improvements in the future.