Data storytelling with Viva Goals 🎯 Review Dashboards

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Before Viva Goals existed, our team was stuck in the world of updating PowerPoint, Word, Excel with the status updates.  In the early days of Viva Goals, we evolved into copying select Viva Goals visuals into a PowerPoint.  At the very least, we could rely on Viva Goals being our source of truth and not worry about which version of the PowerPoint we were using.

While the dashboard provides focus in the key metric and status, I find that metric owners still rely on visual storytelling to communicate context to our leaders.  Here are 3 ways that I am using to streamline the OKR review board:


1. Customize the OKR List view to only show the necessarily columns.
The minimum columns I include are the Owner, Status and progress, and Last Check-in note.  Other columns are often redundant, such as the time period, for the quick review.


2. Embed the exact "live" visual needed

Let's face it, maintaining content is a pain and you'll have to worry if you've captured the latest.  I like to embed the specific slide in a PowerPoint that I need to call-out.  There's a handy "Link to this slide" feature that you can use so that you don't accidentally show the default first page of a PowerPoint slide.  I'm hoping our PowerPoint online team will improve the feature so that the editor framing doesn't show up by default in the future. :)  Another great candidate that I haven't explored yet would be a pre-filtered Power BI dashboard.



3. Create a navigation pane with more details.

I add a navigation panel to related resources like a dashboard, or sub-team dashboard in either the "Key Updates" section of the OKR Detail widget or using a Text Block.


What other tips do you have to make the Review Dashboards useful in your monthly or weekly reviews?  Do you have a dashboard mock-up to share with me for inspiration?

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Did you ever try out the Power BI dashboard link using the custom embed widget? Interested to see if anyone else has been able to successfully link one as I have not. Thanks.