Custom embed widget and power BI

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Looking for help please......

I am unable to find specific detail around the custom embed dashboard widget online and want to know what links are supported. I am trying to link a Power BI dashboard but I get an error stating ' refused to connect'. Does Power BI need to be enabled as an integration for OKR check in updates to allow us to embed a link in a dashboard too? I would not have thought so as no direct linkage here. Or is there a different link we should use within Power BI for it to connect? 

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You may not be doing anything wrong. I had some established dashboards using the custom embed widget that were working fine the past few weeks, then for no reason they no longer are connecting to the URL links I've been using. I'm thinking MS made a change and broke something. I'm submitting a service desk ticket today and hoping for quick resolution. Anyone else having issues?

@Rob_Nowak Hi, inspired by 2nd point here I tried to set "Custom Embed" widget but no success so far. 

Trying to link to PowerPoint slide shows me "401 UNAUTHORIZED" even for presentations I'm creator of and have them on my Sharepoint. Trying to link to public links it shows "does not fall under the Microsoft allowed list of domains"

Trouble shooting guide link forwards to this Review dashboard with Viva Goals - Microsoft Support and there is nothing about trouble shooting. :facepalm:

I'll really appreciate to see this in use, some use case everyone can try and learn from. I don't have successful example with this widget yet. :sad:

On March 28th I opened a case with Microsoft to get the custom embed widget fixed. They have acknowledged this issue goes beyond our organization and said they have made it a high priority item to resolve for the product group. I'm hopefully this will be fixed in short order.