Changing annual Calendar

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I'm using Viva Goals. When defining Objectives/Key-Results, it makes you select the 'time periods'. When you click on the drop-down list, you just can select "Annual" (from Jan to Dec) or Quarters, and you cannot select other options.


In my case, the Fiscal Year of my company is from April to March, so my "annual" should be from April'24 to March'25 for instance. Additionally, we don't work with Quarters but with "Tertials" (4-months periods).


Does anyone know how to change it? I don't see any options nor settings to change so.


Thanks very much!!

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You need admin rights, then choose the Admin menu item within Viva Goals, go to time periods item. Here you can change your annual time period to start from April and you can also create custom time ranges for your 4-month periods.

Hi @matesz! I'll try so!


Thanks very much for your help!!