Private Offer Status is - Pending Fullfillment

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A customer has accepted the Private Offer and run through the configuration.


In Partner Center I see that the status is "Pending Fulfillment Start".


How do I start the subscription?



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@jnativ The commercial marketplace manages the entire life cycle of a SaaS subscription after its purchase by the end user. It uses the landing page, Fulfillment APIs, Operations APIs, and the webhook as a mechanism to drive the actual SaaS subscription activation, usage, updates, and cancellation. The end user's bill is based on the state of the SaaS subscription that Microsoft maintains.


After an end user or cloud solution provider (CSP) purchases a SaaS offer in the commercial marketplace, the publisher is notified of the purchase. The publisher can then create and configure a new SaaS account on the publisher side for the end user.


Please refer to this article for more information: Managing the SaaS subscription life cycle | Microsoft Learn

@justinroyal @jnativ : just wanted to add to what Justin shared above. You would want the status of your private offer to be subscribed. It meant that the customer completed the purchase, and you activated the customer subscription. If not, the customer won't be billed, and you will not receive payment from that transaction. 

If this is related to a SaaS offer, you can explore SaaS Accelerator - an open-source tool that can help you activate and manage customer subscriptions. Mastering the SaaS Accelerator - Mastering the Marketplace (