Marketplace Guide: Turn up the volume on your marketplace strategy


In Microsoft’s FY24 we have seen huge changes in how we GTM and Cosell with ISVs. You can catch up with all the updates at: Microsoft Inspire 2023

One of the largest changes is the pivot of our partner programs, incentives, Cosell and Go-To-Market motions to Marketplace to take advantage of the $50bn opportunity.

When it comes to selling your Software via the Microsoft’s Cloud marketplace there is a lot to consider from driving awareness, engagement, commitment and value for customers. Luckily for you, in conjunction with the amazing team at ResourceiT we have pulled together this best practice guide to help you maximize the return from your investment in Marketplace.

Access to the interactive guide is here:




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Great job on this - I really like the step-by-step guidance provided, and the discussion about the choices on how to think about your Marketplace Listing as a channel! Then, moving through the steps and providing guidance for each is an effective way to provide a broad range of helpful material in a cohesive and measured way.
Thanks Justin!