Having Trouble Updating Tax Profile

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Hi Community,


Anyone else having trouble updating the tax profile? I got a notification that I had to update it, I went in updated it (I even have the notification that I can't dismiss, of someone updated your tax profile), and then it still shows as action needed. I have submitted two customer support requests, one was closed without ever contacting me and the other they said they would look into it, and over a week has passed and they don't respond to my emails. 


Does anyone know if there is a solution for this on my side?

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@Igalfsg Hi yes - this happened to us at the end of September, a seemingly random order to update our tax profile.  We did the update, saw the same persistent 'action needed' message afterwards . . . but then it went away after a week or so.  Might be you're experiencing a similar system lag.

Thanks feels better to know I am not the only one, I have been waiting for a few weeks so hopefully it will get updated soon
You got lucky! After a month of internal escalations they told me they are not the right team and now I have to start the process again, will report back when I finally get it fixed so other people don't have to go through the same.