Feature request: ability to change name of publisher ID

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Hello!  The publisher ID shows in the URL bar for an offer, we'd like to change the name of the publisher ID to reflect our company name since the current name is an acquired business. A second use case for this this is organisations that have changed their name and need to reflect that in the publisher ID.


Unfortunately the bulk of our offers are under the acquired business' publisher ID rather than the parent tenant's publisher ID, hence why we'd like to change this.


We raised a support ticket and have been informed this is not possible (engineering been consulted) but we should submit the request via this forum as it this feature may help others.

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Hi there - thanks for your feedback! Yes, this forum is an appropriate place for sharing your marketplace feature requests. As this community grows there will also be additional opportunities for sharing your feedback with us.

I have the same need to edit the Publisher ID which contains the name.