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Looking for some advice - one of our product ( works as a freemium with two paid offerings.


We want to bring it more in line with the 30 Day Free Trail that our other product follows (


My concern is having the 30 Day Free Trail in place acts as a blocker before someone can use the app however wanted to get peoples opinion. We get a lot of downloads and my worry is that having a blocker (signing up process for free trail) will cause that to stop / slow down - do people find this way more successful than freemium? 



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Good question - have you seen it act as a blocker with the other app?
Yeah we have seen it as a blocker - mainly due to the end users having to pass it up the chain for payment before they can access the free trial.
That makes sense and is consistent with what I hear from other partners - Freemium lowers that barrier.
Great question!
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We took the Free Trial approach rather than the Freemium approach because we wanted our customers to experience the full capabilities of our offer ( rather than a downscaled version.

The way we implemented this does not require payment, so payment has not been a blocker.

One drawback to how we implemented it was to make the length of the trial 7 days rather than 30 days, which means we don't get the visibility that comes with the nice green ribbon in Marketplace. If compatible with your solution, I would recommend meeting the requirements of free trials as described here:


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