Working on AI project and portfolio management upgrades

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Hi folks!

My name is Brad Messer ( and I'm working on a few new businesses at the moment, but one of interest here is AI into the nitty-gritty issues in project management software that make us and our poor PMP friends miss not having friendlier tooling inside the tools already.

There's a lot of things I'd like to work on, but I've discussed just 5 core things with business partners and initial potential clients on a wider scale in the PM market. Now I'd like to socialize these enhancements inside companies who use MS Project to get their feedback and potentially find a beta testbed we can work with.

You can and would expect a standard enterprise development process and quality with no stone left unturned to give you the best quality we can. My background was embedding AI into $3 trillion banking transactions on mainframes, so I've really learned that eye to detail is key when doing something like this.

Beyond that, all feedback will be considered, prioritized, and integrated into the product as we GTM and the features won't just be a GPT integration. We're digging deep and want to do real embedded interesting work which I hope to share with you all.

If you'd like to talk more, please reach out at or find me on

Hope we get to talk!

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