Why and How to use a Call-To-Action on your Marketplace Listing



The "Get it now" button on your listing can be frightening. Your Call-to-Action can alleviate their concern. getitnow scary Image by kjpargeter on Freepik.png

The very actionable button across the Marketplace for transactable offers is "Get it Now." This is very powerful, clear and actionable. But it can also be frightening! 


We have all been trained to not trust a download button, and to generally not click on anything. And with good reason. Malware, spam, ransom, subscription billing, or that visit from IT to clean up your computer... not to mention the follow up memo to the entire company reminding everyone of the warnings. (I once had to make a 4:00am trip to the tech desk for an emergency wipe.) It happens!


There are very real questions and concerns from users about clicking on that button, much from prior bad experiences.

Will I download an entire new process onto the server?

Will I lock up my computer for hours doing a setup?

Will I cause a charge to me or my company? Will I be on the hook for this, or even fired?


Even though the Microsoft Marketplace is a safe space, you can help remove potential obstacles and concerns. Include a specific Call-to-Action that tells your prospect what will happen when they click.


If your listing is done well and you have led your reader's eye down the page with the content and formatting of your text, a strong CTA will anchor the text, indicate the next steps and encourage the action. This should help alleviate the concern about what might happen when they click, plus it should help to improve your click-through rate.


Here are some suggestions:

  • "Click on the Get it now button above to choose the best plan!"
  • "Click 'Get it now' to set up your free trial!"
  • "See a demo when you click 'Get it now' above!"
  • "Click 'Get it now' to learn more!"


And here are some examples:


Advanced tip: Be sure that you have connected your CRM system to your listing so that you can follow up immediately after the prospect clicks on Get-it-now.  Learn more about that here: Connect to your CRM system



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