Welcome to the new marketplace community!


Hello and welcome to the new marketplace community!


This community supports participants in the ISV Success Program and is open to anyone who is building cloud applications to help you reach more customers, go to market faster, and unlock growth. We’re so glad you are here and we’re excited to help you maximize the marketplace opportunity.


This discussion board is appropriate for topics related to building applications the Microsoft Cloud, publishing to the commercial marketplace, and growing more sales of your applications. When you create a new post here, you’ll notice a prompt to select the appropriate label (Build, Publish, or Grow) that corresponds to your topic. You can also select the “Other” label if your topic does not correspond directly to one of the other labels. I encourage you all to get started with posting new discussions – we have internal teams here at Microsoft that are engaging with our community members to help get your questions answered. 


For more information on the new marketplace community, check out this blog.


Thank you! 

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Exciting times - thanks, Justin!
Hi Justin, is there a space where we can showcase our transactable offers and receive feedback on them?