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We have an app for Teams that we're selling on the Marketplace through a Marketplace offer.

1 App = 1 Marketplace offer

Even though it's the same app, it has different ratings in two places. Can we combine the app's rating with the rating from the Marketplace offer?

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We have the exact same challenge. It is a must that ratings and reviews are synchronized between the two Apps. As it is now, it must be very confusing for customers. They are questioning if they are the same app. The only logical thing to do is to make sure the ratings and reviews are synced.

Beside the fact that it is confusing for customer's it is also a problem when we as a partner want to get the App Certified software designations for solution areas. A part of it is Customer satisfaction. When 95% or the rating and reviews are done by customers on the AppSource App and the certification is using the Marketplace offer we have a problem!
I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one bothered. I wondered if anyone else has the issue....

@SeleneSuau @Alon Ekelund in your cases are there two separate offers available through AppSource/Teams and the Azure marketplace storefront? 

It is as follows.

The Teams app is published as an app in AppSource. The transactable monitored app for the AppSource App is published as a SaaS app in Commercial Marketplace.

This is due to the design you guys made ;) the app in AppSource and monetized app in commercial marketplace. However they are one and the same app.

I will be happy to take a Team’s call ;)
We have the same:

Teams App - Available on AppSource/Teams Store
Marketplace offer related to the app - Available on AppSource
Marketplace offer related to the app - Available on Azure Marketplace

@Alon Ekelund and @SeleneSuau thank you both for sharing this feedback. From a platform perspective, the Teams application and the relevant SaaS offers are linked products in marketplace, hence they have a different set of reviews.


As you described, the SaaS offer, which can appear in different digital storefronts and enables the purchase of user licenses for the Teams application, does not inherit or sync with reviews of the Teams application itself.


This is certainly something for Teams publishers to keep in mind with any methods you may use to solicit customer ratings and reviews, to guide them to the desired product page. 

From a platform perspective, given that the SaaS offering and the Teams application are interconnected, wouldn't it be more logical for their ratings to be linked as well?

@KyleCallahan  I understand what you are saying :lol: and I know that we have been talking about this before. That is also why I believe it is about time something is done here. We have multiple challenges, and they are growing. You guys are using the SaaS app more and more for different incentives and qualifications.

Let me try to give you 3 examples of why ratings are done on the AppSource App.

  • When you guys send a link to customers to make the review of an App you are sending to the AppSource App and not to the SaaS App. I know because I have tested it myself several times.
  • Another challenge is, that in our case many are downloading the AppSource App first and after a trial make a purchase. This again means they will make the rating on the AppSource App and not the SaaS App.
  • When customers relate to the app, they are thinking of the AppSource App. When deploying and managing the app it is the AppSource App. When talking about the App they always refer to the apps under integrated apps in the admin center. For customers this is app. Hence it is natural that this is the app they will rate. 

You are welcome to look at our Apps. 95% of the ratings are done by customers on the AppSource App.

Point is, this is how the real-life situation is. And it has been for a long time. it is at least 2 years ago since I change all my Store references to the SaaS App. However, that still didn't make any change in the way customers are behaving. 

Below is an example. 


Anyway, this is my situation, of course I can't be sure others are having the same problems. :happyface:  

The reason for taking this up again is because I have successfully become IP Co-sell Eligible and in the Incentive program. In addition, I can see that I have all that is required to be Certified software for Modern Work. BUT! this is where the review and ratings come in again. You guys are only looking at reviews and ratings on the SaaS app and not at the AppSource App. 

Finally, I know for a fact that this is very confusing for customers. That is why I have been talking about this for a long time. On many occasions I am asked if it is the same App. Customers are confused and ask if one is a light version and the other a full version. Why is there such a big difference in ratings and review? One is "Starts at Free" one is "Additional purchase may be required." 

Point is customers are confused. 

This is a problem for all apps that must be published in AppSource (Outlook, Office, Teams, SharePoint, Copilot) that we want to make transactable. The only way we can do that is by making a SaaS App in addition to the actual app in AppSource. 

OK that was a very long explanation :xd: Anyway, I am just trying to be particle. The SaaS app has a reference to the AppSource App. So perhaps that can be used as a key to synchronize the ratings and review between the Apps :smile:


I completely agree, it's very complicated for ISVs and customers. It could be very useful to merge ratings and reviews or enable ISVs to choose whether to merge them or not.

I would also like to add another big challenge we have in regards of Ratings and reviews. This can only be done by the person that made the actual purchase or deployment. The person with permission to make the purchase will in most cases not be the same as the users of the App. When I am sending a link to users then cannot make a review! 

They will get the following message.
"To submit your rating and review, first get the app and let us know about your experience"

So, the organization made a purchase and deployed the app, but the users that are using the app are not allowed the make the review and rate the App.
I hope you can see that something here is problematic :facepalm:

Thank you

I wasn't aware of that limitation

I know this is a discussion about Teams apps but the same is true for my Excel Add-in. The confusion of the "app" vs. the "SaaS" app is mostly related to when you have a 1-to-1 SaaS-to-App. I think of it as only one app "inside" your SaaS app (and I try to convey it that way to my customers because they are confused). However, if I develop and link another add-in to my SaaS app (which I intend to) then I will have 2 apps "inside" my 1 SaaS app and I would think it would actually be more helpful to have the apps rated separately.

On another note, the confusion for my customers is not just related to ratings but installation in M365 Admin portal. When a customer clicks "Get it now" in AppSource they are brought to the M365 Admin portal where the screen they are navigated to has both the SaaS app and the Excel Add-in checkbox automatically checked to install. For my SaaS app, there really is NOTHING to install as it is just the landing page where customers activate their subscription. I'm sure customers are just scratching their heads wondering what to do.

All of this said, I don't have a better solution for the SaaS app vs app issue. This is the new infrastructure and I honestly don't want Microsoft to change this again. I think they need to change their methods for aggregating ratings so ISV's, like Alon Ekelund, don't miss out on Marketplace incentives.

@Jim Barrett A comment. It is very important for me to say that this is not only regarding Teams App. This is the case for all Apps that are published through AppSource (old term - Office Apps). Outlook, Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Teams and SharePoint. If we want to monetize and sell our Apps the only option, we have is to make a transactable SaaS App for the AppSource App.   As I see it, we have a challenge on M365 Apps with a 1-to-1 SaaS-to-App. 

I also agree on your second note :smile:. And I also don't think we are ready for a big change. What you guys have done is great - and thank you for that. However, there are still several areas of improvement, and we can take them step by step :lol: with no rushing. 

That is also why at the moment I am only looking at the rating and reviews. And I do believe a synchronization would be the easiest model as it is a backend change and process. The SaaS Apps that are connected to an AppSource App all have the App ID of the AppSource App. Technically it seems that you guys have what you need to made the sync. :lol:

Thank you.